Friday, January 6, 2012

Husky Safari

Some impressions of the husky safari that took place back in December in the Finnish Lapland. We were strongly advised as drivers, never EVER to let go of the sleigh, and always always to take care that the line the dogs are attached to is fully
stretched. I tried to hold on to the sleigh but some drivers fell off and were taken away by icy winds for long distances, while passenger in sleigh and six dogs were roaming at high speed into the forest totally out of control . It was fun observing these.
Once you slow down *see picture on left where line is getting lose*, the sweet fluffy dogs will start "interacting" with each other. They are extremely friendly with people, but obviously not getting along too well with each other.

By now, as you stopped, they will cross the lines in various directions while fighting with each other, and you end up with a useless bundle of dogs. Then you wait for the guide to come for the de-tangling operation.
..and some huskies have mastered the art of pooping while they run on their front feet. No joke.